Agreement reached on broadband upgrade at The Parks

Posted: May 23, 2016

The prospect of all residents at The Parks housing development having access to Broadband fit for the 21st century has moved a bit closer.  This comes as the result of an offer by the estate’s developer, Taylor Wimpey, to fund improvements to two of BT’s broadband cabinets that serve the area.

The announcement was made by local MP, Dr Phillip Lee, during a meeting he organised at the Parks Community Centre, in conjunction with local community leader Martin Reilly.

The meeting, held last Thursday, was so well attended by local residents angry at the standard of broadband they currently receive that it overflowed from the intended room in the Centre and had to be held instead in the car park.

Dr Lee told the meeting that, after months of his office pressing BT on the subject, the logjam had been broken by an offer from Taylor Wimpey to contribute funds towards the £25,000 cost of the upgrade, which BT had previously described as being “commercially unviable”.

Stacey King, BT’s Regional Partnership Director for the South East and Andrew Rinaldi from Taylor Wimpey told the residents that they hoped to sign the funding agreement during the next week, at which time planning for the upgrade could commence.

However, the residents are still not out of the woods as Ms King estimated that it could take 12 months for the change to be made, a delay that Dr Lee described as “frankly ludicrous”.

Speaking after the meeting, Dr Lee said:

“I am grateful for Taylor Wimpey for stepping up to the plate and helping to resolve this issue.  I am only sorry that it should have come to this before we can provide adequate broadband speeds to the residents of a new estate in the most technologically advanced area of the country.

“I will continue to monitor this situation to see if we can get something completed sooner that the current 12 month estimate.”

Local councillor Chris Turrell, who has also raised the matter and attended the meeting with his colleague Isabel Mattick added, “This is a very welcome step forward. Broadband is one of today’s essentials, and there has been a lot of frustration at slow speeds on The Parks.”



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