Community Report 2014: Health

Posted: Dec 27, 2014

We promised to ensure Bracknell Forest remains one of the healthiest places to live in this country and it is. You are likely to live longer in Bracknell Forest than other parts of the country, men can expect to live to 81 and women to 84.

We established a Health and Wellbeing Board to oversee the complex relationships between the NHS, GP’s, health and care providers. We were the first council in the country to develop its own Health Strategy.

We delivered a HealthSpace with an Urgent Care Centre which has brought a vital health facility to the heart of our community. It will deal with up to 30,000 patients a year. This is important to all of us, as we must reduce the number of people going to A&E, if we are to save the NHS.

We have overseen the integration of the Public Health function into the council with some amazing results. The number of health checks is up 128% over last year, people giving up smoking for more that 4 weeks is up 19%, people starting weight management up 576%.

Why are we such a healthy place? Because local Conservatives are driving the health agenda.

Health services are changing

The way health services will be delivered in the future will change significantly. Only local Conservatives have the experience to drive the right change. As health and social care merges we will need to make important decisions about priorities and where money should be spent.

Community Report 2014: Each day this month we will post an achievement on our website and let you see what we have done to meet those promises we made to you at the last local elections. We invite you to tell us what you think and what you feel we should commit to in our next local election manifesto. Please take the opportunity to respond. Read Community Report 2014 introduction


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