Community Report 2014: Keeping jobs and bringing new jobs to Bracknell Forest

Posted: Dec 18, 2014

We promised to limit the adverse affects of Labour’s recession. We have increased our focus on job creation and investment across the borough. We have a new team to help secure more jobs and money for our borough. We focus on retaining existing businesses. We work with companies and relocation firms to make sure everyone knows that Bracknell Forest is open for business. We have been successful with increasing the number of businesses choosing Bracknell Forest over other locations.

We are working hard with agencies such as the Local Enterprise Partnership to secure new investment and cash for schemes to improve our infrastructure. We’ve been successful in securing over £5m for road improvements and have secured over £2m to help increase the number of 16-24 year old residents get a job. Our focus is firmly on creating new job opportunities for our residents and to make Bracknell Forest Council more business friendly.

Community Report 2014: Each day this month we will post an achievement on our website and let you see what we have done to meet those promises we made to you at the last local elections. We invite you to tell us what you think and what you feel we should commit to in our next local election manifesto. Please take the opportunity to respond. Read Community Report 2014 introduction


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