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Mrs Isabel Mattick

M: 07952 391375
T: 01344420997

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Mrs Isabel Mattick

Borough (Harmans Water)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

My family moved to Bracknell in January 1972 and I soon became involved in our local community centre. I was first elected to Bracknell Forest Council in the 1980’s and served several terms. I am currently a very active and committed Town Councillor.

My special interests are health-related matters. It is so important to ensure that people who are the most vulnerable are protected and given opportunities and support to lead a full life irrespective of their circumstances.

I am honoured to be Chairman of a disabled sports club. My late husband suffered from dementia, and being his carer has given me a valuable insight into the many challenges facing the families and carers of people suffering from mental health illnesses. In support of this I am a founder member of Ascot Area Alzheimer’s Support Group, and sit on the Dementia Group at Frimley Park Hospital. I am also a member of Surrey Healthwatch.

I play an active role in a number of local community-based organisations, including being Chairman of 2 local Community Associations and other health-related activities. In 2012 I was one of those fortunate to be chosen to carry a Paralympic Torch representing a Bracknell voluntary organisation. Local communities are important and, if elected, you have my commitment to support residents and to do my utmost to help resolve problems and local issues.

Ms Ash Merry

M: 07950 996014
T: 01344 868286

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Ms Ash Merry

Borough (Harmans Water)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

I am very fortunate to have lived in Harmans Water ward for 21 years. I came here as a 30-somethingyear-old new mother in 1993. My daughter has been brought up here and schooled locally. I proudly served as an Army Officer for 8 years. My military training provided me with an excellent framework to tackle life’s challenges and find ways to create a better working and home environment for myself and others.

As a regular media commentator I recognise the importance of providing a balanced voice of opinion to protect the more vulnerable members of our community, and I am a strong supporter of finding best solutions through a common sense approach. I have had a successful career running my own business and working for others in the profit and non-profit sector.

I work in Bracknell as an office manager and previously I was the PR and Communications Manager for voluntary sector organisations in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. I’ve experienced first-hand the valuable contribution to local communities made by voluntary organisations and businesses working together thorough their Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes.

I would welcome an opportunity to help promote the ‘nobody can do everything but everybody can do something’ philosophy for building even more effective social cohesion. If elected I will focus on ‘neighbourliness’ - keeping our ward safe, green and happy and supporting initiatives to combat isolation and loneliness.

Mr Chris  Turrell

M: 07779 409694
T: 01344 420471

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Mr Chris Turrell

Borough (Harmans Water)

I have been on Bracknell Forest Council since 2000. In 2013, I became Executive Member for Planning and Transport. In Bracknell Forest, growth means we face particular challenges and demands on our area and its infrastructure.

In planning for future needs, I feel it is very important to preserve our quality of life. I am also the Council’s representative on The Parks Community Association and the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee.

Until 2013, I was on the Board of Bracknell Forest Homes, and also chaired the Adult Social Care and Housing Scrutiny Panel.

I am keen to see the Council keep up high standards for the green areas and facilities in its care, and to continue to offer all residents the best possible service and value for money. Contact with residents is important: I hold regular surgeries, call door-to-door and produce a newsletter, In Touch. I work locally for a major hotel group, and have lived in Bracknell since 1993.

I’m a governor at Harmans Water Primary School, and I’m on the management committee of The Wayz youth clubs. I was honoured to be Mayor of Bracknell Forest in 2011/12, and carried out over 300 very varied engagements. I enjoyed meeting people involved with our many community organisations. I’ve been on Bracknell Town Council since 2000.

I chair the Strategy & Finance and Staffing committees, and have been Leader of the Town Council since 2004.

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