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Little Sandhurst and Wellington Ward

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Mr Paul  Bettison

M: 07836 287050
T: 01344 778949

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Mr Paul Bettison

Borough (Little Sandhurst and Wellington)
Town/Parish (Sandhurst)

I have been your Borough Councillor for 23 years, in which time we have seen many changes. Change brings fresh challenges, and I always represent the best interests of all our residents.

I strongly oppose over-development, whilst supporting schemes that enable our own children to get their first home.

I am proud of our schools; we have kept our promise to make every school a good school, and we remain committed to that pledge. In Bracknell Forest there isn\'t a single school that I would not have sent my own children to, and our ward is served particularly well. I’d like to thank our head teachers, staff and governors for their dedication and commitment to our children.

Our leisure services remain the envy of all. Our environment is better maintained than that of any of our near neighbours.

Now that the building of the new Bracknell Town Centre has begun, we are about to have a principal town centre worthy of our Borough.

Our Council tax has been consistently one of the lowest in England, and is a matter of considerable personal pride.

I firmly believe that you rightly demand good value from your local authority. I am happy to say that all indicators clearly show that this is exactly what you are getting and I remain committed to delivering sound value for money services. I love this area dearly. That is why my wife, Jean, and I chose to bring up our children here.

My promise to you is to keep this area one in which people choose to live, with an opportunity for all to achieve their full potential in an environment which is safe, pleasant, and a joy to live in.

Mr Dale  Birch

M: 07747 847374
T: 01344 778140

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Mr Dale Birch

Borough (Little Sandhurst and Wellington)
Town/Parish (Sandhurst)

I have been your local Councillor for 32 years. Currently, I serve as Deputy Leader of the Borough Council and also the Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing and I’m Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

I also serve on Sandhurst Town Council. This ward covers both Little Sandhurst and the Wellington College area of Crowthorne so I keep a close watch on Crowthorne issues as well. I have been keen to ensure that Sandhurst and Crowthorne are not joined together or Crowthorne with Bracknell as community identity is so important. I am very conscious of the impact all the new development will have in the area so I am working with local NHS people to ensure that surgeries and health facilities are able to cope.

I had the honour of being Sandhurst Town Major. I focused on celebrating the achievements of our young people. I was fortunate to have the Duke of Edinburgh accept my invitation to visit, making a very special St Georges Day in 2013. I’m also a new Governor at St Michaels School.

I have secured funding for both IT equipment and a defibrillator at St Michaels as well as money for local scouts to refurbish their hut, a vehicle speed indicator on the Wokingham Road, bollards in Caves Farm Close, drama equipment at The Spot youth club, and for the Sandhurst Corp of Drums.

If elected, I will continue to deliver the same locally focused, and financially sound commitment that has helped make this community one of the best in the country.

When not doing council work I run my own IT consultancy. I’m married to Gill and we have two grown children and since the last election we’ve become grandparents. I like to keep fit

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Your Conservative led councils has and will continue to deliver.

A great place to live!

  • High customer satisfaction
    87% satisfaction rating by residents

  • Strong leadership and finances
    Making the tough decisions

  • Town centre all signed up
    The Conservatives stayed committed

  • Low council tax
    No rise for the last 5 years

  • Good schools
    More schools planned

  • Award winning social care
    High quality care whatever your age

  • Great recycling with rewards
    Reducing landfill

  • Great leisure facilities
    Coral Reef makeover

  • Beautiful parks and open spaces
    Residents satisfaction very high

  • New Urgent Care Centre
    Committed to community based services

  • Home ownership schemes
    Tackling homelessness

  • Low crime and anti social behaviour
    33% reduction

  • Improved road maintenance
    Lots of potholes filled

  • Enhanced libraries
    Kept open in difficult times

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