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Mr Peter  Heydon

M: 07968 297318
T: 01344 300190

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Mr Peter Heydon

Borough (Old Bracknell)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

I have lived here for 5 years serving as both a Borough and Town Councillor representing Old Bracknell. I really appreciate Bracknell as a great place to work and live, and look forward to our new town centre which will ensure we continue as one of the best places to live in the UK.

Since elected I have become a Business Champion and Chairman of both Governance and Audit and the Corporate Parenting Advisory Panel. Additionally I am on the committees for School Performance, School Governor Selection, the Overview and Scrutiny Commission, (including the panel for Children, Young People and Learning) and Planning.

I also represent Bracknell Forest on the Easthampstead and Wildridings Community Centre. Iain and I maintain an active presence within Old Bracknell holding regular resident surgeries, and have established a reputation of being approachable and responsive. I am very active in the local business community having my own locally based business.

My business background continues to serve me with the financial, people and general management skills which I use on your behalf.

I value being a Councillor as your link between the council and the community, providing representation and leadership.

A lifelong Conservative, I believe in sound public finances and spreading opportunity, enterprise and ownership across the community. The Conservative administration in Bracknell has demonstrated its prudent management and has continued to deliver on its promises, and will continue to do so.

Mr Iain McCracken

M: 07919 217185
T: 01344 831080

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Mr Iain McCracken

Borough (Old Bracknell)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

Iain has lived in Bracknell Forest for over 40 years serving the community as a Conservative Councillor for 23 years and Old Bracknell’s Borough and Town Councillor for the last 4 years. He is married with two daughters who both attended The Brakenhale School. He has continued his association with the school and is Vice Chairman of Governors.

He is the Borough’s Executive member for Culture, Corporate Services and Public Protection which covers a vast area of the Borough Councils responsibilities. As Chairman of Leisure in the Conservative administrations of 1983-1991 he oversaw the major design, build and opening of Coral Reef & The Look Out. He was foremost in the successful delivery of the £2 million restoration of Lily Hill Park, the £4 million restoration of South Hill Park and is now overseeing the £11 million upgrade of Coral Reef.

Iain represents the Borough on the Police and Crime Panel and was Chairman of the now defunct Thames Valley Police Authority.

Since 2006 he has been Chairman of Audit and Performance on the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Iain firmly believes that his role as your Councillor is, to ensure the continued delivery of efficient, cost-effective, value for money services that meet the needs of those who live, work and play in Bracknell Forest. He is also firmly of the belief that the Conservative administration, in which he has served, has demonstrated that it delivers on its promises and will continue to do so.

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Your Conservative led councils has and will continue to deliver.

A great place to live!

  • High customer satisfaction
    87% satisfaction rating by residents

  • Strong leadership and finances
    Making the tough decisions

  • Town centre all signed up
    The Conservatives stayed committed

  • Low council tax
    No rise for the last 5 years

  • Good schools
    More schools planned

  • Award winning social care
    High quality care whatever your age

  • Great recycling with rewards
    Reducing landfill

  • Great leisure facilities
    Coral Reef makeover

  • Beautiful parks and open spaces
    Residents satisfaction very high

  • New Urgent Care Centre
    Committed to community based services

  • Home ownership schemes
    Tackling homelessness

  • Low crime and anti social behaviour
    33% reduction

  • Improved road maintenance
    Lots of potholes filled

  • Enhanced libraries
    Kept open in difficult times

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