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Mr Graham Birch

T: 01344 868286

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Mr Graham Birch

Borough (Priestwood and Garth)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

I am 35 years old and I work in the healthcare industry. I have lived in the area since I was very young.

I’m married to Emily and we have a three year old son who ‘keeps us on our toes’. So it won’t surprise you to know that I am extremely committed to providing the best possible environment for families to thrive. I believe this is done by ensuring all residents in Priestwood & Garth are able to grow the sense of community that exists here.

Being a good councillor is about teamwork and listening; it’s about making sure that what the community needs is identified, costed and, if affordable, provided as efficiently as possible. I will always aim to provide what I believe is best for you and will use my own experience as well as consulting with you to determine what that is and how best to deliver it.

I have served as a councillor before so I understand how it works. I’m keen to make sure that the effects of the new town centre do not adversely impact on our community’s quality of life especially during the build phase.

Likewise, I have a good understanding of the challenges facing parents and young people and the need for good schools, community based care and a good home. For me families include Grandparents who play an important part in our community.

I totally support the new Clement House extra care model for older people’s living.

I know the importance of keeping people informed and up-to-date with the things that affect them so, if elected, you can be assured of being kept updated on all community matters.

Mr Alvin Finch

M: 07850 871055
T: 01344 352048

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Mr Alvin Finch

Borough (Priestwood and Garth)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

I have lived in Bracknell for over 40 years, and have had the privilege of representing the Priestwood and Garth ward for 12 years.

Since being first elected I have been involved in a variety of council committees and panels: Environment /Leisure, Customer Service, Adult Social Care, Licensing and Planning, to name just some. I have also been an active member of local organisations.

I am aware of the problems of the frailer resident. My wife Diane has worked as a nurse with the elderly in Bracknell and with people with learning disabilities. Our families both live very near us.

I work for myself providing home and small business computer support. I have also worked in the care sector.

I am pleased to have been part of the improvements to Garth Hill College, and I am very proud of the achievements of staff and students there.

I am a keen supporter of Bracknell Rugby Club.

I was delighted to see the improvement and opening of new health facilities in Bracknell. The Urgent Care Centre is something I have been a proponent of for some time.

I want to see the delivery of high quality services locally, and seek to maintain and improve the quality of life in the area. To this end, I aim be working with Tina, Graham and the relevant agencies on further alleviating the parking and environmental problems that some residents experience.

I want to ensure that the green spaces we so enjoy in Priestwood and Garth are maintained, and improved.

Mrs Tina McKenzie-Boyle

M: 07885 454455
T: 01344 772255

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Mrs Tina McKenzie-Boyle

Borough (Priestwood and Garth)
Town/Parish (Bracknell)

We have lived in Bracknell Forest for 25 years and my two sons are locally educated. Our family was attracted to the area by the green space and the amenities that this well run Borough can offer a growing family.

As a Parish Councillor since 2003 I have personally undertaken many community projects. I want to be involved in projects that enhance Priestwood and Garth in conjunction with the Town regeneration.

As a mother and wife I know and understand the everyday challenges that need to be addressed. I want to work with and for you by ensuring we retain our precious green space to walk with the children, schools give lifetime opportunities for our students, good healthcare for the elderly is in place and residents can walk safely on our streets.

I will endeavour to ensure that any proposed developments or change is harmonious and sympathetic and will enhance life style opportunities for all – young and not so young.

Your today and your future is important to me. If elected I will undertake to have quarterly surgeries working with you to ensure I can address your issues as they arise.

Priestwood & Garth is special, and I hope my experience as a Councillor for the last 12 years will give you confidence that I will do everything I can to ensure that it stays as a thriving community and develops to your benefit. Bracknell Forest is a great place to live! Let’s keep it that way.

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A great place to live!

  • High customer satisfaction
    87% satisfaction rating by residents

  • Strong leadership and finances
    Making the tough decisions

  • Town centre all signed up
    The Conservatives stayed committed

  • Low council tax
    No rise for the last 5 years

  • Good schools
    More schools planned

  • Award winning social care
    High quality care whatever your age

  • Great recycling with rewards
    Reducing landfill

  • Great leisure facilities
    Coral Reef makeover

  • Beautiful parks and open spaces
    Residents satisfaction very high

  • New Urgent Care Centre
    Committed to community based services

  • Home ownership schemes
    Tackling homelessness

  • Low crime and anti social behaviour
    33% reduction

  • Improved road maintenance
    Lots of potholes filled

  • Enhanced libraries
    Kept open in difficult times

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