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Mr Bob Angell

M: 07402 986825
T: 01344 883974

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Mr Bob Angell

Borough (Bullbrook)

Bob has had the privilege of representing you as the Conservative Councillor for Bullbrook over the last four years on the Borough Council. He asks for your vote to continue the work that makes your Bracknell authority one of the best run councils in the country.

Bob has lived in Bracknell for 51 years moving from West London with his parents when he was 17. Before retiring, he worked in Reading as the Payroll Manager for a petrochemical construction company. He is married to Jan and they have one son who was educated at local schools.

He has always cared about our community and its environment, demonstrated by the commitment he has given over many years to the life of Bracknell. He believes in getting involved to create improvements for the people who live in Bracknell.

He has served on the Borough Council for nearly 20 years in many different roles. During the last few years he has been the Vice Chairman of the Scrutiny Commission investigating the working practices and procedures of the council to ensure it maintains the very best standards to serve residents.

Away from the council and for many years, Bob has been a Board member at South Hill Park Arts Centre. He strongly believes this important facility enhances the Bracknell community. It offers many ways for people to enjoy themselves by being able to go to the theatre or, learn something different with the many courses on offer.

Ms Kirsten Miller

M: 07775 645562
T: 01344 868286

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Ms Kirsten Miller

Borough (Bullbrook)

I have lived in Bracknell for the last eight years, although my family has lived in Bracknell for over fifty years and so I have had the chance to see how the town has changed over my lifetime. I\'m really excited to see the regeneration taking effect with the demolition of the former 3M building and new shops still signing up to be part of the town centre.

I have been a Borough Councillor in Bracknell for four years, and I am committed to continuing my work to help make Bracknell a great place to live. I sit on the environment, culture and communities committee which allows me the great opportunity to be involved in decisions to protect and improve our surroundings in Bracknell.

During the day I work in Internal Audit, auditing projects to make sure they are going to deliver on time and without going over budget.

Outside of work I enjoy playing tennis at Bracknell Tennis Club and I volunteer as an Ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children\'s Charity.

I hope to continue to be involved in my local community and to find new ways to improve the quality of life for residents in Bracknell.

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Your Conservative led councils has and will continue to deliver.

A great place to live!

  • High customer satisfaction
    87% satisfaction rating by residents

  • Strong leadership and finances
    Making the tough decisions

  • Town centre all signed up
    The Conservatives stayed committed

  • Low council tax
    No rise for the last 5 years

  • Good schools
    More schools planned

  • Award winning social care
    High quality care whatever your age

  • Great recycling with rewards
    Reducing landfill

  • Great leisure facilities
    Coral Reef makeover

  • Beautiful parks and open spaces
    Residents satisfaction very high

  • New Urgent Care Centre
    Committed to community based services

  • Home ownership schemes
    Tackling homelessness

  • Low crime and anti social behaviour
    33% reduction

  • Improved road maintenance
    Lots of potholes filled

  • Enhanced libraries
    Kept open in difficult times

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