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Mr Nick Allen

M: 07710 353762
T: 01276 33601

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Mr Nick Allen

Borough (College Town)
Town/Parish (Sandhurst)

I have lived in College Town for over 20 years with my wife and two children, both of which attended College Town Schools where I have also served as a Governor.

I was elected to Bracknell Forest Council at the last Borough elections in May 2011 and have really got my feet under the table in a short time. I serve on numerous committees covering areas such as Adult Social Care & Housing, Children & Learning, Licencing & Safety, Employment and Governance & Audit.

I am acutely aware that the first priority of a Councillor is to serve the residents of College Town whom we represent. One of the reasons that I serve on such a wide range of committees is to get a deep understanding of how the Council works in these areas, so that I can provide a speedy resolution to residents issues. Bracknell Forest is one of the top local authorities in the country.

Over the last five years we have had no increases in Council Tax, which is also one of lowest in the country. This has been achieved through a combination of prudent financial management and the ability to find more innovative ways of providing services and has been done without the need to resort to cutting jobs and services on a scale seen in the rest of the country.

If re-elected, I will work hard to ensure that Bracknell Forest further enhances the services it provides to the residents of College Town, and represent the ward to the best of my ability.

Mrs Pauline  McKenzie

T: 01276 600723

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Mrs Pauline McKenzie

Borough (College Town)
Town/Parish (Sandhurst)

I have lived in College Town for 27 years and I am married to Roy. We have four children. I was selected as a Sandhurst Town Councillor for this ward in May 2011.

In May 2014 I was given the honour and privilege of becoming Sandhurst Town Mayor. This role has afforded me an opportunity to engage with numerous representatives of the community in Sandhurst and Berkshire.

I also chaired a WW1 committee to commemorate the centenary of that war. This involved research of the “Sandhurst Fallen” and the restoration of our memorial and the enhancement of the paving. Many of you will have attended the “Lights Out” Vigil and the Remembrance Day Service.

I successfully became a governor of Sandhurst School in 2011 and was selected last year as their local authority governor representative. Each year I have helped raise funds for various school projects. I was awarded an honour at the Borough’s Governor Conference in 2014 for my contribution to the community.

I have also held other positions such as Chairman of Planning . I am totally committed to working hard for Sandhurst and meeting the needs of the residents I serve.

It has always been my intention to give something back to the community in which I live. Please elect me as your Town and Borough Councillor so that I can carry on the work I have started.

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A great place to live!

  • High customer satisfaction
    87% satisfaction rating by residents

  • Strong leadership and finances
    Making the tough decisions

  • Town centre all signed up
    The Conservatives stayed committed

  • Low council tax
    No rise for the last 5 years

  • Good schools
    More schools planned

  • Award winning social care
    High quality care whatever your age

  • Great recycling with rewards
    Reducing landfill

  • Great leisure facilities
    Coral Reef makeover

  • Beautiful parks and open spaces
    Residents satisfaction very high

  • New Urgent Care Centre
    Committed to community based services

  • Home ownership schemes
    Tackling homelessness

  • Low crime and anti social behaviour
    33% reduction

  • Improved road maintenance
    Lots of potholes filled

  • Enhanced libraries
    Kept open in difficult times

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