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Community Report 2014: Sport, leisure and relaxation

Posted: Dec 16, 2014

Local Conservatives have focused a great deal of effort and resources on delivering our promise to maintain and enhance our wide range of sports and leisure facilities. Our high quality, nationally recognised, venues have been maintained, nothing has been shut. We will be enhancing Coral Reef in the future to maintain it as the number […]

Community Report 2014: Landscaping, same service, less cost

Posted: Dec 14, 2014

Saving money without cutting services is what local Conservatives are good at. We have negotiated a new contract for our landscaping needs at reduced cost. Ringway will continue to deal with the challenges involved in maintaining our ever busier highway network and they will also be taking on all street lighting services. Community Report 2014: […]

Community Report 2014: It’s great round here!

Posted: Dec 13, 2014

We promised to keep Bracknell Forest clean, green and safe. To drive that promise we have maintained landscaping services and we continue to insist on developers providing more open spaces. We are strong on tree preservation, paths and cycle ways and much more. One of the big challenges facing our community is recycling and waste […]

Community Report 2014: Social care

Posted: Dec 12, 2014

We have all been moved by reports of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in some parts of the country. We are working closely with the police to identify and eliminate any such activity in Bracknell Forest. Residents can help, “If you see it say it”, is an important campaign to draw attention to this horrific practice […]

Community Report 2014: Education

Posted: Dec 11, 2014

We promised to support all our children and young people to achieve their ambitions and play an active part in the life of our communities. We continue to invest in our young people. According to parents our schools are good schools. We promised to improve attainment at our Schools. We have seen improvements in measured […]

Community Report 2014: Empty offices turned into homes

Posted: Dec 10, 2014

Bracknell Forest residents have often asked why empty office blocks could not be used for homes. Well now they can and we have already delivered office blocks for housing. In the Bracknell Neighbourhood Plan survey, 78 per cent of respondents supported the change. Community Report 2014: Each day this month we will post an achievement […]

Community Report 2014: Environment and sustainability

Posted: Dec 9, 2014

How we manage our carbon footprint and our waste disposal will be critical. The cost of running council owned premises will have to reduce. We have already fitted solar panels on Bracknell sports centre which will cut running costs by £10,000. Everyone has to be more energy conscious and we will continue to look for […]

Community Report 2014: Planning and infrastructure

Posted: Dec 8, 2014

The economic security of the borough will depend on us having a good place for businesses to start, to grow and to come to. These businesses will need well qualified staff living locally. Local Conservatives do not want our community to become just a dormitory town for other areas. We will need to ensure our […]

Community Report 2014: Health and Social Care

Posted: Dec 7, 2014

The NHS has a funding black hole. Leaving the EU will not replace the money needed to cope. A treaty as complex as EU membership will take years to reverse and all the while the cost of health and care will rise. Evidence, such as patient flows and community growth, show that Bracknell is very […]

Community Report 2014: Maintaining the high standards in the future

Posted: Dec 6, 2014

The amount of money the council has is not likely to increase. We must continue to look for new ways to deliver the excellent services you deserve. The council will have to work with other agencies to make the money go further. We will have to pool our money with others to get better services. […]

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