Reduction in overall crime rates in Thames Valley

Posted: Apr 30, 2014

Thames Valley Police, who serve the Bracknell area, have achieved significant reductions in crime figures over the past year. Overall crime is down 5% and burglary down 20%. The total number of crimes recorded was 127,497; the lowest crime statistics for the Thames Valley area since 1989.

The number of burglaries in the Thames Valley is at its lowest rate for 40 years, a success which Thames Valley Police attribute to actively working with the public and other organisations to protect homes and safeguard properties.

Violent crime rates remained stable last year, with 19,623 crimes reported. Of these, 48% were solved, the best performance for many years. The Police Inspectorate recently judged Thames Valley Police as giving a good service to victims of domestic violence, one of the force’s key priorities. The percentage of rapes solved also increased from previous years.

Whilst the number of sexual crimes reported has increased, Thames Valley Police believe that much of this is due to national news coverage and greater confidence among victims in coming forward. But Thames Valley Police are by no means taking this for granted. They have pledged to plough more resources into solving cases of sexual crime exploitation, particularly child abuse, a foremost priority for the force.

Speaking with regards to recent speculation over the accuracy of crime statistics, Sara Thornton, Chief Constable of the Thames Valley Police, stated that accurate reporting of crime is rigorously vetted. The Thames Valley Police have a team of 15 ‘scrutineers’ who work to ensure that crime figures are recorded, kept and checked meticulously, in line with national rules.

Dr Lee commented: ‘I am pleased to hear of the overall decline in crime rates across the region which the Thames Valley Police serve. This includes Bracknell. Thames Valley Police continue to do an excellent job in protecting people in the area, and bringing to justice those who threaten the harmony and safety of our society.’


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